My caribbean life

Hola! Hi! I’m Rio. I’m a 21 years old girl from Japan travelling the world for couple of months. I had volunteered at The Mermaid Hostel for 2 and a half months surrounded by beautiful ocean, tropical trees, exciting music, lovely and heartful people.

The best Mexican dish: CevicheTo describe my stay in Cancun in a word would be “awesome”. This was my first time working at the hostel, and at the beginning I was nervous but at the same time I was super excited to meet a lot of passionate people from all over the world seeking cheerful Caribbean life.

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I got used to the area and the lifestyle soon, I would say about in a week, thanks to Ana and Tania and the other super awesome, lovely, hilarious, friendly and kind volunteers. We built this strong bond which is indescribable to anything but something more than just “friends” or “crew”. We did so many cool things together, and all of them are my precious memories. The girls and the staff are always willing to help you so you can always feel super comfortable and at home.

The sunset from Playa Gaviota Azul
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Under water museum MUSA in Isla Mujeres (By tour)We organized various kinds of activities few times a week at the hostelwhich the guests are welcomed to join and always was a huge success. Those activities are the best occasion to meet people, interact with them by sharing youramazing story and to make lifelong friends. So especially if you are travelling alone, you MUST join one of those activities they run so that you can always get stimulated and can enhance your travel. Although they run a lot of activities, the hostels are not the party ones so you would feel safe, calm and relaxed. They also offer a bunch of exciting tours, it is always fun to take those tours with the people you met at the hostel.

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Not only you can enjoy the beaches and other activities in Cancun but also you can visit the other spots from Cancun easily where you can experience a lot of cool stuff, for example going to those beaches, cenotes, Mayan ruins in Tulum, looking for the sea turtles in Akumal, shopping in Playa Del Carmen,
And more…..

The view of the Cenote Azul

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Sea turtle eating seagrass in Akumal beach Chichen Itza (By tour)Cancun is the best place to experience both party life and relaxed Caribbean life.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.42.19 AM

At last, let me give a huge shout out to The Mermaid Hostel family.
You guys are the best, thank you very much for having me as a part of the Mermaid crews, I had the best experience in Cancun thanks to all of you!!
See you guys soon, cheers!!

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