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Choose your adventure when you visit Cancun, Mexico. The famous Carribbean beach locale  has it all: from 5 star resorts & spas, to galleries full of stunning cultural art, to exciting cuisine and a busy nightlife scene. When visiting Cancun, you have your choice of experiences.

If you are looking for a fun, relaxed, beach vacation or a luxurious, cultural experience, you can find exactly what you are looking for. The stunning crystal clear waters has made Cancun one of the most desirable and most visited for Mexican beaches. Whether you are looking to live it up or party it up, Cancun has what you are looking for. Check out our recommendations before you go so you can tailor your Cancun experience to your exact preferences.

If You’re Looking to Live it Up…


If you are looking to live it up while in Cancun, you’ll have no shortage of options. Cancun is a hotspot for culture, art, and luxurious shopping. You can begin your days with a massage, followed by a luxe afternoon of shopping, an evening of gallery viewing, and wrap it all up with a dinner fit for a king. Immerse yourself in luxury and culture while in Cancun and enjoy a truly luxe Caribbean experience.

Where to Stay:

NIZUC Resort & Spa

Picture Credits: NIZUC Resort & Spa

Treat yourself to a supremely comfortable and luxurious stay at NIZUC Resort & Spa. NIZUC offers everything you could possibly need while on your luxury Cancun escape: gourmet eats, craft drinks, idyllic beaches, and a fabulous spa and wellness center. When you arrive at NIZUC, you’ll feel as if you have truly arrived in paradise. Each luxurious villa combines modern convenience and Mayan style in a memorable statement that will leave you in awe. Outside your villa, the private beach offers white sands and crystal clear waters right at your doorstep. It has some of the best swimming and seaside lounging in all of Cancun.

Truly relax and enjoy the tranquility of this quiet tropical heaven with a visit to the award winning spa. Indulge yourself in any of a wide array of beauty and wellness treatments before wandering over to one of the gourmet bars or restaurants. You will truly be living in the lap of luxury at NIZUC.

What to Do:

Galeria Balance Cancun

Picture Credits: Galeria Balance Cancun

If you are looking to expand your art collection with some Mayan art, Galeria Balance offers some of the most exquisite pieces you will find in all of Cancun. The Mayan art on display at Galeria Balance is bold, colorful, organic, and fun – just like Cancun. You can truly capture the spirit of your Cancun getaway with one of these fun and vibrant pieces. Enjoy the memories of your vacation forever in whatever form you choose. The gallery has a wide array of art in various mediums including photography, oil paint, mosaic, and more.

Luxury Avenue Shopping Mall

Picture Credits: Luxury Avenue Shopping Mall

A little retail therapy will be the perfect addition to your luxury Cancun getaway. The shops at Luxury Avenue Shopping Mall include some of the most recognizable brands in luxury fashion including Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Chanel, and Swarvoski. Wandering through the boutique stores in Cancun is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Outfit yourself at Luxury Avenue so that you look and feel your very best for your lavish evening of dinner and drinks. This is the kind of shopping experience that you want and deserve.

A Sanchez Gallery & Decor

Picture Credits: A Sanchez Gallery & Decor

A Sanchez Gallery focuses on the promotion of Mexican artists in order to showcase them to the world. When you visit the luxe, modern space, you’ll understand why these artists have been chosen to be showcased: their talent is unparalleled. A Sanchez is not for the casual wanderer but rather for the avid collector. If the crossroads of luxury, art, and culture sounds like the kind of place you would like be, be sure to make an appointment to see these amazing works of art before you leave Cancun. You won’t want to miss this experience.

Where to Eat:

Gustino Restaurant

Picture Credits: Gustino Restaurant

After an afternoon of shopping, dinner at Gustino is the perfect spot to show off your new look. The formal dress code, live jazz, and luxurious finishes ensure that this is a truly top-notch dining experience. Gustino Italian Restaurant offers a bit of Mediterranean flavor on the Carribbean, serving up classic Italian dishes enhanced with Mediterranean ingredients. Located in the heart of the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa, this upscale restaurant serves up savory classics in a luxurious atmosphere. Enjoy a glass of italian vino from their extensive winelist while tasting some of their fresh salads, rich pastas, or decadent desserts.

If You’re Looking to Party It Up…

If you want to let loose and have some fun while visiting Cancun, there are plenty of options. Surround yourself with other young, fun travellers while enjoying some of the best beachside nightlife in all of Mexico. Start your day surrounded by other travelers with similar itinieraries. Lounge on the powder white sands, grab a delicious dinner and cocktail, and then head out for the night. In Cancun, you can choose between any of a wide array of bars or clubs at which to party the night away.

Where to Stay:

The Mermaid Hostel

Picture Credits: The Mermaid Hostel

Young, fun, vibrant. If that encompasses the kind of vibe you are looking for during your visit to Cancun, the Mermaid Hostel is the perfect spot for you. Keep your costs down at this affordable hostel while still enjoying the best that Cancun has to offer. You can choose between two locations – one near the beach and one right downtown. Both are optimally located near a wide array of culinary options, regional food, tacos, churros, famous marquesitas, ice creams, esquites, artisan stalls, shopping and music and art festivals.

Where to Eat:   

Samura Japanese Cuisine & Bar

Picture Credits: Samura Japanese Cuisine & Bar

Samura combines everything you could possibly want in a late-night beachside dining experience. Plus, it is a great place to start your night before you head out to the bars. With a DJ spinning tunes and the bar always hopping, Samura is a great restaurant if you’re looking for a both a fun atmosphere and tasty drinks. The delicious Japanese food and sushi is unbeatably fresh. In addition to tasty fresh fish and noodle dishes, Samura offers an extensive and creative cocktail menu. Make sure to ask the expert mixologists to whip up something fun and fiesty for you or sip on one of their Japanese inspired classics.

The Bears Den International Kitchen

Picture Credits: The Bears Den International Kitchen


If Japanese food and sushi isn’t exactly striking your fancy, you can find whatever cuisine you are looking for at the Bears Den International kitchen. Executive Chef Christopher Vallieres is a Canadian transplant who is dedicated to bringing his patrons the freshest food from locally sourced ingredients. With a wide array of delicious seafood options, meats, and starters you are sure to find something that you’ll love, whether you’re travelling with a group or solo. The Bears Den International Kitchen is a great option if you are hungry and on a budget. They serve up an All You Can Eat menu for only 500 pesos per person. With a great brunch menu and tasty breakfast cocktail as well, the Bear’s Den is a hard to beat option for some morning after hair-of-the-dog.

La Dolce Vita

Picture Credits: La Dolce Vita

Since 1983, La Dolce Vita has been consistently named as one of the best restaurants in Cancun, serving some of the best fresh seafood and homemade pasta anywhere on the Caribbean. La Dolce Vita was founded by George Savio and Francesca Caputo and is still a family affair as it is currently run by the founder’s sons. If you are looking for some home-cooked carbs and comfort food, La Dolce Vita is the spot for you. Service is friendly and refined and the menu includes a delicious array of Italian classics in addition to specials that change daily according to the season.

Where to Drink:

Cuncrawl Canun Bar Crawl

Picture Credits: Cuncrawl Canun Bar Crawl


Start your Cancun vacation off right with the Cuncrawl Pub. Voted the #1 nightlife activity in Cancun for 7 years, you don’t want to miss out on this epic night of fun. Experience the best personalized nightlife in Cancun with this all inclusive “all you can drink” experience including 5 hrs open bar, VIP entrances, reserved tables & an escorted bar crawl that includes 3 of the best bar/clubs in the area. On top of all that, you’ll also enjoy bottle service (with unlimited bottles) in at least two of the venues of the night. Let the promoters take care of the logistics and just have fun. Cuncrawl provides a safe, friendly, intimate experience that takes you to the hottest clubs/bars in one night. Available 7 days a week, Cuncrawl is by far the best introduction to Cancun’s amazing nightlife.

Antique Puerto Cancun

Picture Credits: Antique Puerto Cancun

Plan ahead and make sure you can get on the list if you are interested in checking out Antique Night Club. Awarded among the World’s Finest Clubs, Antique Is located in Puerto Cancun, one of the most exclusive residential zones in the city. With a maximum capacity of 250 people, Antique keeps a very select clientele. The music is a combination of the best hits of electro-pop and latin music and will be sure to keep you up and moving all night long. With a private taxi service available, in addition to bottle service, you can really live it up at Antique.

Where to Have it All:

Cancun Vibes

Picture Credits: Cancun Vibes

If you really wanna leave it all to the experts, reach out to Cancun Vibes about your Cancun vacation options. They are the expert in all things Cancun – from pub crawls and nightlife, to scuba-diving, ATVs, and jungle tours, to Spring Break packages and booze cruises. They’re famous for providing the best bang for your buck and their pubcrawl is the stuff of legends. If you truly want to let loose and enjoy your Caribbean vacation without any worries, Cancun Vibes is the best choice.

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